Karma and I and #AshleyMadisonHack

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I’ve been mulling over the idea of ‘karma’ and voilà, the #AshleyMadisonHack…it’s a metaphor, it’s symptomic, it’s #cyberkarma on a platter! It’s like some dystopian PHD diss-ertation (Western Karma and Full Disclosure ) that you write before you move to Bejing to teach English  touching on so many layers of duplicity, perceived needs, dissassociation etc etc… What a show about our ability to live in alternate realities!

So would we still act and be who we are if everything about us was disclosed?

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Meanwhile, one of 60 million refugees from last year alone … and in spite of the full disclosure of such unnecessary evil, we do not work together to stop this. Should we expect karma to come knocking?

Learning isn’t linear and evolution isn’t something we learn from ‘out there’ and then ingest and feel better …
I think we have to do something, show something, We must evolve ourselves. But for what purpose? Would you wish to reincarnate here again? Is this a world you would want to come back to? Am I getting too woo-woo?

woowoo (Secret Knowledge … invoking Neo- Platonism and Rosicrucianism; rejection of ‘rational’ logic while preaching a reconciliation of science and mysticism: a smorgasbord approach to other revealed religions and ‘teachers’; and a final opt-out to the ‘inner self’ when the going got sticky. Equally significant was the need for lots of money (which was duly forthcoming), and the way that exposure of fraud and scandal perversely strengthened the authority of the most unlikely people, often through their manipulation of paranoia and conspiracy theory.”

If I only consider my own life and I end up despondent and sad because I have only created memories —my karma is not the instant payback variety a la #AshleyMadisonHack, it’s much worse than that. It means I haven’t created anything of lasting value.

Meaning requires creation otherwise it’s ephemeral – like memories.
It’s not ‘pollyannish’ to say that humans have shown the ability to work together along with the worldwide immediate needs of so many  – Karma means action and work as well as cause and effect – and everyday we have a choice  #HeavenOnEarth or #HackedHellOnWheels ?


Migration and Reason

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The Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan is home for 160,000 refugees who have escaped the brutal Syrian civil war. 6,000 people arrive a day (Getty Images)

The number of refugees has dramatically increased over the past three years with almost 60 million people migrated from their homes in 201440 percent more than in 2011. There exists a false perception that the majority of the immigrants to Europe are economic migrants. But they are not: they flee as desperate asylum seekers, not economic migrants. They flee persecution and human rights abuses.

The main countries of origin are Syria, Eritrea, Somali and Afghanistan while millions are being driven out of the Sudan, Yemen, Iraq, and Lebanon. The Syrian civil war, instigated by the United States and its Arab allies in 2011 has caused more than 3.5 million people over the border with an additional 7.5 million people within Syria having fled their homes from a volatility that is the direct and indirect consequence of the continued and centuries long exploitation of the continent by Europe and the United States. Nobody wants them.

Like modern Gullivers, (see gullible, google, yahoos etc) pinned and nudged to be ‘reasonable’ we watch the jackboot of the Hegelian dialectic speed up time, dismantle countries, and take the lives of children and beings we do not know – people we do not see, people we evidently do not regard as equals.

As Alan Watt recently noted on his radio show, our thoughts about such atrocities are accepted as real, while reason – the part where we recognize that we are all fundamentally similar and equal – that part we can’t seem to access.

Are we not are in danger of  becoming displaced ourselves –  psychologically deadened and damaged by merely observing and not acting to create alternatives to the “…hidden injuries, hidden wounds that have been inflicted on [the] children [of Syria] because of what they have experienced; the behavioral changes, the nightmares that they carry around with them – the way in which they can no longer function as normal children do”?

A wise man said, “the answer is never in the context that created the problem…thus let the past go and create the future.”

Damage of conflict on Syrian Children


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