#Catpunchers and Other Slaves


I just became aware of the incidence of cat punching on social media. There must be some other venue or method that could provide such “punchers” the attention they seek – a way to acknowledge their uniqueness so they don’t resort to punching a cat in the head for attention ?

Gladiators/slaves were forced to fight one another for the amusement of the elite. Cat punchers are a new variety of slave – a mutation of our collective abuse. The big evil we pass from generation to generation is a belief in hierarchy and our compliance to and within it – maintaining an abusive system that supports the gladiator/slave/elite spectacle.

#Catpunchers are just as likely to run from challenging the actual mechanism of a system that has reduced them to abuse as are the elite…and the rest of us. The normalization of abuse places us in the grasp of the world system – keeping us politically, socially, economically impotent. Abuse can be subtle, like the belief that because I say  “I care about the world” I am making it different.” How crazy is it to believe that we are making a difference when we are just mouthing out words while providing no real solutions?

20,000 people signed an online petition to stop a cat punching Facebook page. Where are the same numbers demanding  the easy fix so that every child has enough to eat, or that 25,000 prisoners currently being held in solitary confinement in “Supermax” prisons around the United States be allowed to have human interaction?

I’m wondering what it takes to change ourselves – to stand up, and to create a new world?


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