The Bill Cosby Syndrome



In varying degrees we all live in imaginary worlds – fantasy worlds not in alignment with reality – but that doesn’t stop us from trying to make them real.

It appears (based on all the women coming forward) that Bill Cosby lived in an imaginary world. He wanted to have sex with lots of women. None of these women wanted have sex with him. But [evidently] this ‘reality check’ did not stop him. He was able to convince himself that he had the right to use force, drugs, or whatever means he saw fit, to make his imaginings become real.

The (alleged) evidence that the women did not want to have sex with him was not an obstacle. He was unconcerned with the consequences, the harm he was doing. His fulfillment of his imaginary reality was more important, more real, than … reality.

Whenever I make a choice that does not consider the needs of what is best for everyone, I abuse ‘free choice’ and I enter into an alternate reality – of consequence.  Even if I have ‘good intentions’ but I do not consider how my actions will affect the whole, I will face consequences and regret. Regret is not polite – it comes too late – after a slap in the face, a court order, an ecosystem destroyed or a loved one disappeared.

Regret shows us the obviousness of the illusion – the illusion that we can have a singular pursuit of happiness – my right within “free choice.” But is real happiness something we can have alone? Can anyone really be happy knowing millions of children do not have a home, a shower, a meal, or a clean towel?

That’s why I support a Living Income Guaranteed.




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