My Selfie


The Selfie has finally become boring. In a world of planned obsolescence the exhaustive desire for affirmation – for the  pose and the pout – has finally become passé. What’s next?

The human has been studied, focus-grouped and dissected down to the last pubic hair within the  promotion of the passive consumer. The Selfie is another commodity in fear of it’s expiration date.  Self-fulfillment is about Self, never about the welfare of the whole. The ruse is that the real individual has been replaced by the collective devotion to the image. It’s a neat trick; a simulacrum of individuality cocooned within the collectivism of consumerism.

We show off the uniqueness of our taste, our travel destinations, the experiences we buy – but we lack relationship: the Selfie is just that: the illusion of the collective with no relation to community, to each other.

What actions can challenge the isolation of the modern consumer?

A suffering world waits for Self as Image to become Self as Creator – that would be real self-validation.

Who else is there to create communities that consider the welfare of everyone, equally?

see: “Nice Guys Will Finish First”


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