‘For Profit’ War

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the mystery that is Franz Ferdinand

The biggest change I’ve seen in my life 50+ years is how most people now (generally) believe that wars are started and created for profit. It’s like “duh” — way to make buckets of money.

This ‘for profit’ angle of the origin of war is not new, it’s taught in every political science class  with Hegel on the reading list… but can we stop for a moment?  If we can pause, breathe, and step outside the dialectic and the explanations/ideologies which lay claim to telling history, we stand back  like a painter facing a blank canvas. The origin of war requires investigation  — that most wars were started for one group/person to profit over another within the understanding that there is never any excuse for this – this is the news whose time has come.  All the dialectics in the world can’t create a decent school, running water, or a clean bathroom. The first casualty of war is not just the truth, it’s also the infrastructure … but none of this is really news. Old Cicero asked, “Cui bono?”

…the profit professional can often be found in professorial positions…

I would twiddle my thumbs when I was taught about Franz Ferdinand and how this single event (his murder) was credited with the start of WWI. Did it add up to you? Theology is hardly confined to religion. The motivation and the cause for the delusion is important but what really matters is the solution.

We agree that war is a business and that it is easy to overlook the effects of war. The generational side effects that include longitudinal despairare scantily reported in the historical record – the grandfather who drank himself to death, the woman who lost her young adulthood and boy who never had a dad. War has a fictional telling that abstracts it’s brutality, a brutality none of us should ever know.

The media and especially the internet are studied and used to illustrate the mechanism – the buy and sell button – of the human and because war must be sold, the marketing of war is of primary concern — but it’s also it’s primary disadvantage… hehe, war can be unsold, the ‘internets’ can assist. War and it’s profit-motive can be reversed and profit can be used to create real things for real people.

So that’s the good news. John Lennon sang “War is Over” and it could be if we stop the general backchat, secret plans, patterns and consequence allowing the rogue elements of our mind to create the belief that there is no alternative to war,   when there is. Each one of us is a creator of an alternative if we choose, to do the leading by example and using what’s already here.

See what’s new in equality!

“War is a Racket” Major Gen. Smedley Butler, USMC


My Selfie


The Selfie has finally become boring. In a world of planned obsolescence the exhaustive desire for affirmation – for the  pose and the pout – has finally become passé. What’s next?

The human has been studied, focus-grouped and dissected down to the last pubic hair within the  promotion of the passive consumer. The Selfie is another commodity in fear of it’s expiration date.  Self-fulfillment is about Self, never about the welfare of the whole. The ruse is that the real individual has been replaced by the collective devotion to the image. It’s a neat trick; a simulacrum of individuality cocooned within the collectivism of consumerism.

We show off the uniqueness of our taste, our travel destinations, the experiences we buy – but we lack relationship: the Selfie is just that: the illusion of the collective with no relation to community, to each other.

What actions can challenge the isolation of the modern consumer?

A suffering world waits for Self as Image to become Self as Creator – that would be real self-validation.

Who else is there to create communities that consider the welfare of everyone, equally?

see: “Nice Guys Will Finish First”

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