Beliefs about Poverty

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For Teilhard de Chardin, the noosphere is the sphere of thought encircling the earth that has emerged through evolution as a consequence of a growth in complexity / consciousness….and yet, where do we see the simple choice required to end hunger and poverty? How can we claim any evolution of consciousness when we do not care for all the children of the world equally – where we live in a world where ONE IN EIGHT of the world’s population goes hunger every day? What accounts for such cognitive dissonance?

It is more than a bit strange that we, the well-fed of the world, are satisfied with just knowing about worldwide privation and suffering – as if knowing was enough.

We are aware of the statistics, the locations, the causes – we know who is poor, displaced, who the refugees are but the other half of the equation, the part about how painless it would be for us to rectify world suffering is somehow repressed or left to ‘experts’ to solve – but the experts aren’t doing a good job. 850 million people (one in eight of the world’s population) go to bed hungry every night.

Our education, our exposure to statistics, along with the vast enterprise of media and opinion appear to work against the implementation of physical, real life solutions. We think we know what’s happening because we are aware of the problem. We make a leap into a belief that awareness and a feeling energy of compassion actually generates food and shelter! This is magical thinking where statistics and quantification create a virtual reality of meaning unrelated (not in relationship) to actual experience, observation and just plain logic.

To create an actual relationship we must act. The Living Income Guaranteed is real, it is logical and it can actually stop hunger. Real cash transfers in countries like Brazil, Yemen and India, to name just a few, are taking the desire to end poverty out of noosphere of abstraction using real money that provides real food and shelter.
There is a plan. The Living Income Guaranteed.


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