Learning from the 1%


GW at a Yale graduation (telegraph.co.uk)

The elite of the world don’t wait for the future to happen. They make it happen. Why don’t we do that?

They don’t hope that the future will better. They don’t rely on others to create the future. They understand how to structure resources, how to make and keep commitments, how to work together and help each other. Why don’t we do that?

The elite take present trends and create what is to come. Most of react to these plans and because they have access to money, the elite have been able to make and maintain interconnections worldwide. The internet is able to connect us worldwide. So what are we waiting for?

Instead of investigating history in order to find out what really happened, most accept the version of history given; not seeing that the elite definition of words like ‘progress’, ‘efficiency’ and ‘democracy’ may not be the same as what we think they are… The elite definition of progress, for example, does not take into consideration the rights and needs of all people, equally. And yet, can we honestly say we are any different? Have we stood up to the reality of ‘progress’ and challenged advanced technological society – in which people themselves have become the raw material for industrialization?

We can learn from the elite managers of public opinion and persuasion – Bernays, Plato, Freud, Kinsey, Rand, Brezenzki and Wells  – these people understood how to steer public opinion to predetermined conclusions (from justifications for war, constant testing in our schools,  surveillance, pornography, the militarization of the police, etc) Why don’t we do the same to steer humanity to conclusions that honor life?

Let’s transform the ‘base metals’ of the elite: their need for standardization and control, their use of ‘experts’ and placebo phrases like ‘democracy’ – and use these same words and tools to redefine a plan of action; a standard of decency for all – a control of the natural world; a world where everyone is an expert on what it means to be human:  to give as we would like to receive.

We have a blueprint. It’s the starting point: Living Income Guaranteed.



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