The Power of An Idea

Like most people I believe that I deserve better. This is a theme that resonates throughout the industrialized world; it drives the market economy and it drives the individual – impulsing  that on my own,  within my small nucleus of a world I must carve out my security; in competition with others who are doing the same. This either/or scenario is a belief system that says there  is ‘not enough to go around’ –not  enough food, not enough resources, not enough to support to sustain everyone. This belief is a lie. Common sense tells us we do not have to choose between our comfort and the comfort of another – common sense tells us we can create enough for everyone. The Living Income Guaranteed is the fruit of this realization; the realization that there is in fact, more than enough resources to provide food, shelter and care for everyone, right now.

The Living Income Guaranteed is a huge SIGH of RELIEF for humanity. Nothing requires to be ‘overthrown’; there is no call for revolution; no ideological manifestos: just the application of common sense and decency within a small adjustment to the paradigm/system of the world we live in today. The Living Income Guaranteed is guaranteed to succeed because it is the antidote to our collective ill. It is the homeopathic dose of monetary medicine that will cure systemic poverty and human degradation. Like will cure like.

Please take the time to investigate and see for yourself.
Living Income Guaranteed: The Proposal


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